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Es Campur Tempo Doeloe

An homage to an Indonesian street food classic. combination of young coconut, jell-o, grass jelly, avocado & fermented cassava, topped with shaved ice and coconut milk.

Es Siwalan Telasih

Basil seed drink

Es Kopi

Iced coffee

Es Sirup

Syrup served with ice

Es Teh Manis/Tawar

Iced tea

Es Alpukat

Fresh avocado ice

Juice Alpukat

Ice blend avocado juice, topped with chocolate condensed milk

Kopi/Coklat Susu

coffee or chocolate blended with milk

Wedang Jahe

Traditional ginger drink



Es Cianjur

A Mix of fermented black glutinous rice, young coconut, avocado, and jell-o topped with shaved ice & condensed milk

Es Buah Campur

Mixed fruit & jell-o

Es Jeruk Murni

Fresh orange ice

Es Kelapa Muda

Fresh young coconut served in ice

Es Lemon Squash

Fresh lemonade

Es Marquisa Squash

Fresh passion fruit served with soda

Es Sirsak

Fresh Soursoup ice

Es Tomat

Fresh tomato ice

Juice Terong Belanda

Ice blend tomalelo juice

Juice Strawberry

Ice blend strawberry juice

Juice Wortel IBC

ice blend carrot juice, an IBC signature

Kopi Panas

Hot coffee

Teh Manis/Tawar

Hot tea

Mineral Water

Aqua 600ml

Es Shanghai

Concoction of longan, young coconut, pineapple, avocado and raisins, topped with shaved ice, syrup & crispy astor cookie

Es Jeruk Nipis

Fresh Lime ice

Es Jeruk Kelapa Muda

Fresh orange ice served with young coconut

Es Kelapa Buah

Whole coconut with ice

Es Lemon Tea

Es Marquisa

Fresh passion fruit ice

Es Timun

Fresh cucumber ice

Es Cincau

Grassjelly served in ice and syrup

Juice Buah

A Selection of fresh fruit juice

  • Apple

  • Mixed Fruit

  • Orange

  • Melon

  • Pineapple

  • Papaya

  • Watermelon

  • Soursop / Sirsak

  • Cucumber

  • Tomato


Hot ginger coffee

Soda Water

Buah Segar

Fresh mixed fruits

Rujak Manis

Traditional fruit salad dish with molasses and chopped peanuts

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