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Mie Ayam H&W

Noodle with minced soy chicken & fried dumpling, served with fragrant chicken broth

Bakwan Goreng

5 pcs of fried meatball

Nasi Goreng H&W

Fragrant Chinese style fried rice

Bihun Kuah

Vermicelli noodle, vegetables, meat and seafood in broth

Bihun Goreng

Chinese style fried vermicelli noodle

Bakwan Campur

Assortment of fried and boiled Indonesian meathball in broth

Bakwan Sapi

5 pcs of beef meatball

Siomay Goreng

2 pcs of fried shumai

Pangsit Kuah

5 Pcs of chinese dumpling

Mie Goreng H&W

Chinese style fried egg noodle

Kwetiau Goreng

Chinese style fried flat rice noodle

Tahu Bakso

3 pcs meatball stuffed fried tofu

Siomay Basah

2 pcs of steamed shumai

Pangsit Goreng

5 Pcs of fried dumpling

Nasi Cap Cai

Lightly fried rice topped with thick vegetable & meat egg sauce

Kwetiau Siram

Lightly fried flat rice noodle topped with thick vegetable & meat egg sauce

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