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Sayur Asem

Sour tamarind vegetable soup

Tumis Kangkung

Sauteed water spinach

Tumis Pucuk Kailan

Sauteed baby kailan

Tumis Selada Wangi

Sauteed Siomak

Tahu Tausi

Fried tofu in oriental black beans sauce and mushroom

Tumis Pucuk Labu

Sauteed pumpkin leaves

Tumis Tauge

Sauteed beansprouts

Tumis Sawi Hijau

Sauteed Chai Sim

Tumis Kol

Sauteed cauliflower

Tahu Goreng

Fried tofu served with sweet chili soy sauce


Sundanese vegetable salad mixed with freshly made peanut dressing

Lalapan Segar & Sambal

Assortment of fresh field greens, tomato and basil, served with IBC's signature sambal

Pete Goreng/Rebus

A unique bitter/savory flavor of petai or "stinkbean" served fried, steamed or grilled

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