Gurame Goreng Siram Saus

lightly fried fresh water carp in soy sauce and leeks

Gurame Sop

Lightly fried fresh water carp cooked in house blend clear soup with preserved vegetables

Nila Sop

lightly fried fresh water tilapia cooked in house blend clear soup with preserved vegetables 

Nila Pepes

Fresh water tilapia fish in traditional Indonesian herbs & spices, steamed in fragrant banana leaf packets

Nila Pesmol

Pan fried fresh water tilapia in Sundanese style yellow sauce of herbs, chilies & tomatoes

Nila Tim

Fresh water tilapia steamed in chinese style light soy sauce and scallions

Nila Goreng Siram Saus

Lightly fried fresh water tilapia served with soy sauce and leeks.

Nila Bakar

Javanese style flame grilled fresh water tilapia

Nila Goreng

IBC signature sauce Marinated Deep fried fresh water tilapia

Nila Asam Manis

Fried fresh water tilapia served with tangy sweet and sour sauce

Nila Goreng Merah Putih

Lightly fried fresh water tilapia served with spicy sauce

Ayam Goreng

Javanese style fried chicken. Choice of breast or thighs

Ayam Bakar

Javanese style Grilled chicken. Choice of breast or thighs

Lele Penyet

Deep fried fresh water catfish, traditionally served with IBC's signature sambal

Lele Goreng

IBC Signature sauce marinated deep fried fresh water catfish

Lele Bakar

Flame Grilled Fresh water catfish

Udang Tumis Pete

Fresh prawns sauteed with petai or "stinkbean"





Sayur Asem

Sour tamarind vegetable soup

Tumis Kangkung

Sauteed water spinach

Tumis Pucuk Kailan

Sauteed baby kailan

Tumis Selada Wangi

Sauteed Siomak

Tahu Tausi

Fried tofu in oriental black beans sauce and mushroom

Tumis Pucuk Labu

Sauteed pumpkin leaves

Tumis Tauge

Sauteed beansprouts

Tumis Sawi Hijau

Sauteed Chai Sim

Tumis Kol

Sauteed cauliflower

Tahu Goreng

Fried tofu served with sweet chili soy sauce


Sundanese vegetable salad mixed with freshly made peanut dressing

Lalapan Segar & Sambal

Assortment of fresh field greens, tomato and basil, served with IBC's signature sambal

Pete Goreng/Rebus

A unique bitter/savory flavor of petai or "stinkbean" served fried, steamed or grilled




Gulai Kambing

Tender lamb stew prepared with thick curry sauce & coconut milk, topped with fried shallots and melinjo crackers

Kambing Oven

Juicy grilled marinated lamb chop served with a mix of Pondok Tempo Doeloe peanut sauce, chopped shallots and sweet soya sauce

Soto Ayam

A hearty spiced chicken soup served with vermicelli, shredded cabbage and hardboiled egg

Nasi Goreng Pete

A unique and fragrant Fried rice with petai or "stinkbean" 

Nasi Goreng

The famous classic Indonesian fried rice

Sop Iga

Veal ribs cooked in clear soup made of fresh indonesian ground spices. Served with homemade sambal and lime to enchance the aroma and taste

Nasi Goreng Kambing

Indonesian fried rice with cutlets of marinated lamb

Nasi Goreng Jawa

Javanese style fried rice with shrimps, sliced chicken breast, shredded cabbage & bean sprouts, topped with sliced hardboiled egg

Mie Goreng Jawa

Javanese style fried noodle with shrimps, sliced chicken breast, shredded cabbage & bean sprouts, topped with sliced hardboiled egg

Nasi Liwet

Fresh water tilapia fish in traditional Indonesian herbs & spices, steamed in fragrant banana leaf packets

Rujak Cingur

Indonesian style vegetable and fruit salad ala East Javanese served with cingur or "sliced boiled beef muzzle", lontong "compressed rice" and a special blend of shrimp paste and peanut dressing

Tahu Telor

Fried tofu omelette, vegetables, beansprouts, compressed rice, cucumber served with savory peanut sauce


Compressed rice seasoned with coconut milk, cooked by steaming in fragrant banana leaf packet

Nasi Putih

Fluffy steamed white rice




Mie Ayam H&W

Noodle with minced soy chicken & fried dumpling, served with fragrant chicken broth

Bakwan Goreng

5 pcs of fried meatball

Nasi Goreng H&W

Fragrant Chinese style fried rice

Bihun Kuah

Vermicelli noodle, vegetables, meat and seafood in broth

Bihun Goreng

Chinese style fried vermicelli noodle

Bakwan Campur

Assortment of fried and boiled Indonesian meathball in broth

Bakwan Sapi

5 pcs of beef meatball

Siomay Goreng

2 pcs of fried shumai

Pangsit Kuah

5 Pcs of chinese dumpling

Mie Goreng H&W

Chinese style fried egg noodle

Kwetiau Goreng

Chinese style fried flat rice noodle

Tahu Bakso

3 pcs meatball stuffed fried tofu

Siomay Basah

2 pcs of steamed shumai

Pangsit Goreng

5 Pcs of fried dumpling

Nasi Cap Cai

Lightly fried rice topped with thick vegetable & meat egg sauce

Kwetiau Siram

Lightly fried flat rice noodle topped with thick vegetable & meat egg sauce





Es Campur Tempo Doeloe

An homage to an Indonesian street food classic. combination of young coconut, jell-o, grass jelly, avocado & fermented cassava, topped with shaved ice and coconut milk.

Es Siwalan Telasih

Basil seed ice

Es Kopi

Iced coffee

Es Sirup

Syrup served with ice

Es Teh Manis/Tawar

Iced tea

Es Alpukat

Fresh avocado ice

Juice Alpukat

Ice blend avocado juice, topped with chocolate condensed milk

Kopi/Coklat Susu

coffee or chocolate blended with milk

Wedang Jahe

Traditional ginger drink



Es Cianjur

A Mix of fermented black glutinous rice, young coconut, avocado, and jell-o topped with shaved ice & condensed milk

Es Buah Campur

Mixed fruit & jell-o

Es Jeruk Murni

Fresh orange ice

Es Kelapa Muda

Fresh young coconut served in ice

Es Lemon Squash

Fresh lemonade

Es Marquisa Squash

Fresh passion fruit served with soda

Es Sirsak

Fresh Soursop ice

Es Tomat

Fresh tomato ice

Juice Terong Belanda

Ice blend tomalelo juice

Juice Strawberry

Ice blend strawberry juice

Juice Wortel IBC

ice blend carrot juice, an IBC signature

Kopi Panas

Hot coffee

Teh Manis/Tawar

Hot tea

Mineral Water

Aqua 600ml

Es Shanghai

Concoction of longan, young coconut, pineapple, avocado and raisins, topped with shaved ice, syrup & crispy astor cookie

Es Jeruk Nipis

Fresh Lime ice

Es Jeruk Kelapa Muda

Fresh orange ice served with young coconut

Es Kelapa Buah

Whole coconut with ice

Es Lemon Tea

Es Marquisa

Fresh passion fruit ice

Es Timun

Fresh cucumber ice

Es Cincau

Grassjelly served in ice and syrup

Juice Buah

A Selection of ice blend fresh fruit

  • Apple

  • Mixed Fruit

  • Orange

  • Melon

  • Pineapple

  • Papaya

  • Watermelon

  • Soursop / Sirsak

  • Cucumber

  • Tomato


Hot ginger coffee

Soda Water

Buah Segar

Fresh mixed fruits

Rujak Manis

Traditional fruit salad dish with molasses and chopped peanuts

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